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Veriest Venture Serbia
Delatnost: Veriest is an international design house providing ASIC/IP/FPGA design and verification services.Veriest's portfolio of clients includes the full range of globally established industry leaders,defense companies and startups developing high-end chip technology.With headquarters in Israel and R&D centers in Serbia (Belgrade,Novi Sad and Nis),our 100+ engineers have made their mission to provide customers with superior solutions that include architecture design,design implementation for digital and mixed-signal designs,system modelling,functional and formal verification and embedded software.
Uža specijalnost: ASIC Architecture design,Digital and mixed-signal designs implementation,System modelling,Functional and Formal verification,FPGA design and Embedded software.
Poslovanje sa inostranstvom: Israel,USA,Europe
Broj zaposlenih: 100
Procenat zaposlenih sa visokim i višim obrazovanjem: 100
Dodatne informacije o kompaniji: During more than 11 years of operations our team has accumulated a wealth of experience through involvement in cutting edge projects in the forefront of semiconductor technology.Driven by two main objectives:quality of deliverables and on-time delivery,we are offering unrivaled quality standards in terms of both service and knowledge in area of VLSI Design and Verification(ASIC and SoC)as well as Embedded SW development.
Internet adresa: www.veriests.com
E-mail adresa: office-bg@veriests.com
Adresa: Milentija Popovića 5A,Beograd
Telefon / Fax: +381116149302
Ostale informacije
Potreban obrazovni profil: Faculties of Electronic engineering,Computer Sciences and IT.
Zahtevani broj godina studija: 4/5
Poželjne dodatne veštine, znanja ili osobine: Basics of digital electronics and programming.Knowledge of digital IC infrastructure,ASIC/FPGA,Embedded SW
Zahtevani nivo poznavanja stranih jezika: English language–B1
Radno iskustvo: Not required.We hire inexperienced graduates,as well as experienced engineers and offer payed professional technical training for new employees.
Posebni zahtevi: Occasional traveling abroad
Prakse u ponudi: Design and Verification Engineer(Digital,Mixed-Signal),FPGA Engineer,Embedded Software Developer